About Us


Marex Food is the manufacturer of coated and frozen sea products brands, and engages in business activities in its facilities in İTOB OSB Izmir in Turkey and sells its products in both domestic and foreign markets.

Marex Food is a brand that promotes female power. It has adopted the principle of empowering women, who are the agents of sustainable development, in the labor market and increasing their participation in business life.

Marex has an innovative perspective and follows and utilizes technology, cares about quality and human health, besides it produces and provides quick solutions that fit consumer needs.

In addition to being practical, frozen food products offer the consumer solutions that do not compromise health and taste and they are more and more preferred with the pace of life, increased day by day.

Frozen foods, maintaining all the nutritional values under hygienic conditions by selecting the best raw materials, are the most practical food solution of out modern era since they save money, time and energy.

There are no additives in Marex frozen sea products. Besides, it has been confirmed that each of its products, undergoing routine organoleptic analyses, has the same taste and quality in each serving.